*Shea butter - to help protect the skins natural oils with anti inflammatory goodness.

*Coconut oil - leaves your skin hydrated and soft, with added antibacterial properties. 


Pure vegetable glycerine - a natural humectant which seals in moisture.

*Tapioca starch - keeps your pits nice and dry.


*Aluminium free bi carb soda - kills bacteria which causes odour.


*Australian kaolin clay - absorbs moisture.


*Vitamin e - provides the body with an antioxidant boost


*Castor oil - restores the skins natural moisture balance.


*Candelillia wax - rich in nutrients that protects the skin whilst locking in moisture.

100% pure essential oils


*Eucalyptus oil

*Tea Tree oil

* Certified organic by supplier

Aluminium and preservative free.